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Denied access to Mental Health Care - Canada


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I have had my psychatric file sent to my employer without my permission, and again another psychatric assessment shared after I refused consent. I have had another patients records sent to me by mistake.

I do not trust my health care providers, and have told them so. I have asked for my rights in that clinic in writing - no one will do this. Only verbal assurances.

I am now being denied access to mental health care until I agree to a talking to and reprimand from the CEO. This is a power play. He has a gun to my head.

I cannot withstand his intimidation, I am not strong enough.

I have no supports here, am new to town, there is no other place I can go for care - monopoly.

I am on 3 mental health drugs and other drugs for pain and multiple sclerosis. I am just about out of everything.

I have written my MLA, the minister of health, canadian mental health assoc local office and no one is replying or helping me.

2 weeks to hear back about legal aid. I am a female, alone, disabled and on income support

The ceo feels I pose a risk to the organization, no one is recognizing the risk the organization is having on my life.

I cannot afford the cab fare to go back and forth to the hospital to get a few days worth of meds - that's all they'll give for a visit.

Friday is almost over, I do now know how I will make it through the weekend.

Suggestions very welcomed. I'm stumped what more I can do.

Thank you.


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If the ceo thinks that you pose a risk to the organization and you think that the organization is having a risk on your life -- can't you just leave? I understand that you are on income support, but I live in the US and don't quite understand -- are you being required to work in this particular organization in order to get income?

If you can't affort cab fare and can't get your meds, can you call an ambulance and go to an emergency room, if necessary, over the weekend?

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Small town, only one clinic - it's a monopoly.

ambulance costs over 100$

could take cab to emerg, but i'd only get drugs for 2-3 days tops. i think it may be better to go without than be unsure from one day to the next if i get care.

i'm reeling from withdrawal and escalated depression. not thinking clearly.

i would like to see a doctor that can prescribe properly for more than a few days. i don't have a lot of physical or emotional stamia for these games. of the ceo, and he knows it.

I think i'm being 'handled' for filing complaints.

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Sorry Sweet Pea, I'm in the states as well. Here we have laws that prevent medical information being shared therefore we have legal recourse.

I don't know about employment laws in Canada but I would strongly suggest you document everything you can. Print any communication you have between yourself and your employer. Find any leverage you can. Try to regain the power in your situation.

I think your situation is terribly unfair. As long as you are productive at work you should not have to be forced into a reprimand of any sort in order to get the care you need.

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I am in canada, and its not your location tha makes it difficult to understand what you are saying, its the information you are providing.

How is it you are being denied health care? Any family Dr. can prescribe medication for you,,,from mental health to multiple sclerosis. Your physicians have nothing to do with your employer.

And what is it you are unwilling to do? Have a conversation with the ceo of your place of employment? Its illegal to fire you with out just cause. Any ceo knows this. The only thing your place of employment could withhold from you is (possibly) their extended healthcare benefits program. However, without reason, they can't even do that.

You work in such a small town that there is only one clinic? What kind of clinic? Sorry to sound incredulous, but there are not many places so small that they have an emergency dept, an organization big enough to have a ceo, but only 1 clinic?

If you have not lived there long, do you not have people you received your prescriptions from where you used to reside? Can you call them for assistance?

There is too much unusual, or lacking information in your post, to offer much in the way of suggestions. But bottom line, if you have a Dr prescribing meds and treating you, they are not going to give a damn about your employer, and your employer cant deny you access to any healthcare.

If you can try to explain your situation some more, it may help us make some sense of whats going on.

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The clinic is NOT my employer, they sent incredibly sensitive documents TO my employer without my permission - the doctor at the same time also diclosed my diagonsis, and I complained to the privacy commission. I feel I am experiencing backlash by the ceo of the clinic that released that info.

I am having problems with the combination of drugs I am on and need the advice of a psychatrist, - a family doctor would NOT be able to help, a specialist is needed. I am being denied access to a specialist by the ceo until I agree to listen to him. I cannot withstand such a 'talking to' nor is anything he has to say relevant to being denied care. He has grossly overstepped his role and ethical bounds.

Yes there is an emergency service at the hospital. I CANNOT afford to go there every few days for prescriptions from a psychatrist. They will only prescribe a few days at a time from emergency.

I need to see a psychatrist at the only medical services clinic for my area - I am being refsued care.

Population 20k.

It would take over a year to process a complaint through the college of physicians and surgeons.

Weeks if not months to get a court order.

The only option I can see is to shame them by going through my political representative, but that has had no results yet. I do not know what the solution is, I only know I cannot think of one.

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