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Guest ASchwartz

HI GottaMakeitRight,

I am pleased that you found our forum and I know you will find lots of support here.

My thoughts:

1. You seem to be suffering from some type of very serious depression and need to get help for it NOW. I think starting medication would be a good idea for you, because you do not feel safe.

2. In fact, you should probably go to the hospital emergency room and let them know that you are feeling seriously suicidal. They will hospitalize you and get you onto medications that will help you out of this suicidal cycle of thinking and feeling.

3. Afterward, continued medication and psychotherapy is vital for you: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

4. With renewed energy and psychotherapy you should be able to start to work on your marriage.

5. I would bet that your ADHD continues to bother you and is part of the reason for your depression and marriage problems. After you are stable, the ADHD can be addressed in your therapy.

6. Lastly, WOW, you had a terrible loss in your childhood. It is bad enough when a child loses a father through death or abandoment but, when it's a mom, it is a thousand times worse. No wonder you constantly doubt being loved.

What do others think???


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hey GottaMakeitRight,

I feel ya. I lost my biological mother when i was six years old, before then i went through 2 abusive step-fathers (one was an alcoholic and sold all my prized childhood possessions for whiskey and the like, the other was physically abusive.) My mother was diagnosed with cancer when i was 5 and then passed away a year later. The loss was very tragic for me. I don't think i stopped crying for 2 maybe 4 days. Then shortly after i was adopted at the age of 7 i was picked on by my fellow classmates, by then i was in a "pothole" of depression and the constant teasing made it into a cavernous/near-bottomless pit, I even tried to strangle myself at school when i was in sixth or seventh grade. I eventually got over my "suicidal" thoughts and now use my "Problems" (my ADHD, epilepsy, moderate depression, multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, paranoia, and bipolar mania) as "weapons" against people that tease me...oh...and i agree with Allan...

P.S. I'm proud of my "problems" and i don't care what people think of me.

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