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just anxiety ? or other mental illness ?


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Okay so ive been sick for about 4 months now, constantly dizzy and well thats becomeing alot better now. But i have developed an anxiety dissorder during this time. I have panic attacks and feel like something horrible is going to happen alot of time during the day. The feelings are hard to shake but i am getting better at controlling it. Well i was put on lexapro an SSRI and it has helped alot with my depression/anxiety ( yes i am semi depressed to ) well when i am VERY tired i sometimes can hear a voice, usually i cannot make out what it is saying but it freaks me out nonetheless, but the other day i was extremely tired and i went to the bathroom and i heard someone say " hey " and i knew it was in my head and it was not very clear sounding. it was almost if they were far away and it was semi distorted, this has never happened before i started taking lexapro so i am wondering if it is connected. Also when i am tired i sometimes see shadows or little flashes of light in my peripheral vision, BTW the voices only occure at max 3 times week. Also i have sometimes intrusive thoughts of suicide, I WOULD NEVER KILL MYSELF i want to live and i understand that suicide is not the answer it is a perminent solution to a temporary problem. I did have a really bad experiance with LSD about 2 or 3 months before i became ill and i did see the little flashes of light before this anxiety so i think thats connected. However i am worried that this may be more than anxiety and i would appretiate anyones input, i am currently telling my mom i would like to see a phychologist about my anxiety and i feel that they may be able to help with it. thanks for replying

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I think it would be worthwhile to consult with a psychiatrist. it is possible that you are on the brink of some kind of psychotic reaction - the lights and voices and such suggest that this may be the case, plus having the bad drug trip - that sort of thing can act as a 'releaser' if there is a pre-existing but previously unexpressed vulnerability. If it is the case that these symptoms are expressions of vulnerability, then a psychiatrist might decide to prescribe some antipsychotic medication to help keep things glued together. It is generally better, I am to understand, to keep a psychotic process from occuring in the first place, although you'd have to talk to a psychiatrist to get the latest on how they think about that sort of thing. Anxiety and depression/mood disturbance can be a part of a more general psychotic process, or a psychotic process can occur in the midst of a mood disorder.

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