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Has anyone Known of.....


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Has anyone known of a connection between a girl and a guy, and knowing what the other one was thinking. and doing or getting the same thing. like... food wise, aswell as thinking of getting the drink they were gonna get. if that makes sence... if so... what do u think it means.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi wasup1,

I will try to answer based on what I think you are asking but let me know if I have it wrong.

In my opinion, when people get to know one another real well they do think in ways that are quite similar. I think it's more than coincidence. Instead, I suspect that people get into "synch" with one another so that they can anticipate what the other is thinking or will come up with the same idea. I have seen it between my wife and I and with our children. It is not all the time and it is not mind reading.

Anyway, it's a great question, wasup1 :( .

What do others think about this??

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