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depression hurts


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i have tried everything to cope with my depression and i seem to be getting deeper and deeper into a very dark place spiritually....i used to have some faith that someone, something would save me from falling furher down that hole of emptiness. i can't talk about how i feel to anyone...i've lost the few friends that did have...but i wouldn't have talk to them about my depression anyway....and the biggest part of my depression is because i don't have any close friends anymore...and i can't trust people anymore...my head hurts all the time and i am constantly in a state of anxiety.....i feel like i could die or faint.....

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Altahouse,

Welcome to our community. I hope you stay and find a lot of support here.

Clearly, you are in a lot of pain. That pain, both physical and emotional sounds a lot like depression. You really need to be seen by a mental health professional. To get you out of this deep despair you may need to begin with medication. But, psychotherapy, especially congnitive behavior therapy, is essential in helping you to recover and remain feeling good. Research shows that CBT works quite well for those who are depressed. In addition, you probably need to be seen by a physician just to make sure nothing physical is going on. There are some physical conditions that can look like depression but are cause by other problems.

There is lots of help today for depression. Why continue to suffer. As you say, you are depressed because you have no friends and you have no friends because you are depressed. Therapy can help break this vicious cycle.

Can you tell us more about your self and what is happening in your life?

What do others think?

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