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Why do I feel so slow in the head?


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Lately I've been having a really hard time comprehending things. It so difficult for me to think straight, or gain pleasure from my normal activities. It sort of feels like I have the mindset of a small child or something. I'm 15 by the way.

It all started one morning a few days ago. I just woke up and felt completely different. I doubt it's depression; I've had it before but it was never this bad. Its really hard for me to read or remember anything. My parents and my doctor don't know what is. Please help

I also take 30 miligrams of prozac daily, but lately, such as last week ive been forgetting to take some

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Prozac has got to be it, I used to take it awhile back when I had an anxiety disorder. When I started getting lazy with dosages I started getting weird feelings also things like diarrhea.

If I remember correctly 300 Millagrams is a theraputic dose, or high as the dosage they'll give you, when I was there I was different. I was mellow a and I had more control over myself.

In retrospec I guess that it may have affected my thoughts as far as remembering or even truly being htere during a conversation.

Stick with the dosages as well as you can and that should help. If not then the medicine is probably doing this to you.


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