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For information about medications for every kind of mental illness, I can recommend Crazymeds. Don't be alarmed by the name, its not only for crazy people. (But really, what is crazy?)

The site is run by Jerod Poore who has done a TON of research from medical journals as well as collected anecdotal information over many years. There is much information here, including many things your doctor won't tell you. There is a search feature at the top of the main page where you can enter the name of the medication and get information for it. There are also many other features and info about medications in general, and its worth a look.

The site also has a forum, CrazyTalk. (I am a member there.) If you have a question that you have not found answers to in the med pages, you can join and ask on the forum. Just a heads up: it's not a support group. Don't go looking for any kind of support there - they are all about medication only. And look in the med pages first before you ask.

They're pro-meds and pro- working with a doctor to treat your condition and not self-medicating. That said, there is tons of advice on the forum for things you might want to discuss with your doctor, and discussion of effects and side-effects and how to deal with them. You may also find answers there to things that might not be in the med pages. You don't have to be a member to read the forum, only if you want to post.

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