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Fired my Case Manager

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Case Managers are supposed to make sure their client's needs are met. Having food and medication. Transportation when needed. Help with paperwork, which she refused recently. My Case Manager doesn't control me what so ever. I'm no longer within walking distance of any stores. I need a vehicle to be able to get to the store.

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Both of the Case Managers I had claim they do not "judge" people. That's BULLSHIT. My first Case Manager with the Crazy Clinic I'm currently going to judged me. This is the first Crazy Clinic that I have been to where the employees are allowed to use the personal phones to contact clients. I had things for sale at the time on Craigslist and I got a cellphone call from Fort Wayne. Nobody left a message. So I hopped online and reverse searched the number to find out who it was since I will NOT sell to convicted sex offenders. When I called back I was expecting a potential buyer off Craigslist. I mentioned that I was going to buy a pair of binoculars to the Case Manager I just fired when I last spoke to her. She got all paranoid on me even after I told her they're for my Backpacking Kit that I'm putting together.

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