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I have questions about what the actual social defects an Aspergers affected teenager around 16 has.

I'm 16 and I'm affected by this syndrome and I also would like to know how this syndrome is related to Autism.

I don't want info on how to fix myself because I wouldn't change if I had the chance.


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Aspergers is part of the "Autism Spectrum"...

The Autism spectrum is a wide variety of different conditions... Such as Aspergers - Tourette etc

My son is 13 and and is Aspergers...

I Think he is more Awkward when it comes to making friends...

I think he has difficulty in a "give and take" when talking about different subject or changing activities IE...going from playing video games to Lego... He tends to be set in his ways...

I would like to see him be more open minded more flexible to other peoples interest...

I Also think it is Really great your are seeking to understand a bit more of your self...

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