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Well, Finals are about here, and if that isn't stressful enough I am in the middle of a really fucked up week. Last Wednesday I missed a court date (It was three hundred miles away, and I couldn't afford a lawyer), so I might have a warrant out for my arrest. I had been fighting with my girlfriend the entire week, and on Saturday she broke up with me, telling me she no longer loves me. If that's not bad enough on Sunday she developed a new crush... I have a court date on friday for another ticket that I can't miss, and can't afford. Rent is due tomorrow, I can't afford that. My first final is on saturday and I am unprepared, and don't have the will to get so. And as fun as all that is, I'm on my couch, alone, two hundred miles away from anyone who loves me, and running a fever...

Well, it seems I've hit rock bottom, and I'm waiting for someone to through me a pickaxe... because it can only get worse from here.

- Anonymous

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