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According to my research, this forum seems to be the one who stands out. Let me explain. It feels like you're actually talking to people over here .D

On the other sites that brings up the topic of penis size, the conversations seems to be the same all over the place, as if I would be talking to a somewhat advanced computer.

Usually looks like this:

Does size matter?....It's the motion in the ocean......No! Everyone who says that it's about the motion in the ocean is a liar. Here, let me sell my product of a pump-jelqing-pill-weight combo.

Anyway I haven't found another site like this one, but my guess would be to aim for some popular (yet serious) sex forum. Another way would be reading a whole bunch of books and listening to podcasts about sex.

Just did some search on Google and found a forum called sexforums.com. It could be worth looking into. I just to a quick sneek peek. Another site could be girlschase.com. It's more focused on the attraction part, but the users are very passionate about the subject and they do have a forum about sex in general. However that site doesn't seem to be free, I don't know about the forum though, that might be free.

I think that a great approach would be to look for people who can actually talk about sex with an open and serious mindset. Unfortunately the topic of sex just have to be so damn private and that sucks.

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