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Let her go?


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I am 17 years old and fell in love with a girl when i was 16 years old...the problem is...im also a girl...we met at a church camp! and fell in love with each other a year later...we talked every night on the phone for at least two hours and sometimes still do...we are both christians but i figured god wouldn't have done this to me...but then we realized god doesnt control feelings....well...she has realized that...i still haven't therefore i'm still in love with her...i have given her so much...i have been there for her when she was depressed about friends and now she has all of her friends back and it seems like we are completely over...and i can't handle it and i get her attention all the time by telling her i am going to kill myself...even though i won't..i'm having troubles letting her go..i don't ever want to be without her and..i just don't have any idea what to do...and now this guy likes her and i can't handle it...and no guy will ever like me...and it leaves me hopeless..and everything is working out for her and i don't understand what i did to deserve it...but idk...i wish i could figure this out..and if you don't respond i would ask you to please pray for me...cuz i have been praying and i feel like he's not listening...but maybe if it comes from someone else...it will work..idk i just ask for your prayers...thank you

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sometimez unanswered prayers r d best. i mean wut do u pray for? do u wish for her to come back to u? i mean sorry to say but u cant force ne one to be with u n fact u cant force ne one period. look maybe it is for d best this might have been a mistake n u will find that someone for u. well do u mind if i ask... r u bi or ...? n i dont think that lyin to her is right if u really do feel something for her then u must let her b happy. well let me get this straight were u all goin out? or were u all just friends i mean did she know wut u felt for her? well all i have to say is that everything happens for a reason even though we dont quite understand them n remember that sometimez unanswered prayez r the best. ;)

o one more thing y do u say that guyz wont like u?

good luck n i hope that u can get ur mind off of her try to find something to do like that u wont think of her too much i mean the last thing u need is to go threw depression.

take care:)

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