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Want to start out by saying HI , and I think things are calming down.

I talked to a friend the other night and found out that he and a lot of my other friends think my marriage is the main problem. Only thing that worries me about that is.. I am not sure, was he making a pass?? He is only 31... but he kept referrring to how well me and my dogs would fit into his life and that G does not appreciate me... and I am pretty etc???? A little nieve when it comes to men ( well normal men) But I do not know how much to trust what he says.

OK that wasn't the point of this post...

Been reading, studying CBT... OK.. Rational Self_ Analysis....Rational Cards.... Casastrophe scale.... Imagagery techniques .. ( whih one member here talks about) Coping Rehearsal... The "blow-up" technique.. and I could go on and on... they are confusing me... maybe I need to just take one section a month or so???? Instead of trying to get the "hang" all at once???

I know I NEED intense therapy... but I cannot afford it.. so I try to help myself by reading books and on the internet.

Is there perhaps a BLOG or something one of you guys wrote about this I could read???


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Hi JustTrying,

Like you I am struggling to integrate all the stuff cbt teaches. I guess it is about taking time and slowly changing. I wish the change would happen sooner (like yesterday even). It's like, yep, I know the distortions and other positive reframing, but well why am I still not getting it right? Why do I still feel like a edge of a wreak?

I too would like to hear from others especially if cbt is working. Sorry I can't be of more help, you are not alone JustTrying.


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