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Started Stuttering.


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I have had a history of speech disorders. I stuttered and stammered when I was a kid. I had gotten a grip of this by my adult life. But tonight I was talking to my ex. She was telling me about this new boy she was seeing (we've only been broken up for a week.) I became anxious. I told her I was going to call my old Psychiatrist and get a referral to a new Psychiatrist to get on my meds again. Maybe that will help. As well as get a BSM IV, a test for Borderline Personality Disorder... I seem to fit the symptoms and I can't be sure.

She started arguing with me about it, it was one of the reasons I loved her, she kept me from my Pathophobia (Fear of Illness). But this time I'm so sure. I told her I want to know what's wrong with me. Why I am so afraid of abandonment real or imagined, why I'm so paranoid and mistrusting. Why I freak out over small things. I got worked up and I started off on my phobias. I've come up with a list of phobias... I'm Clausterphobic, Demophobic, Astraphobic, Albuminurophobic, Athazagoraphobic, Autophobic, Acrophobic, Cometophobic, Phobiaphobic, Lilapsophobic, Medomalacuphobic, Metereophobic, Pathophobic, Paraphobic.... I could go on... I typically have a grip on these fears... but lately they consume me. I'm living in fear....

When I was talking to her I began to stutter, very badly... I'm even stuttering in my head as I write this. I don't know what to do...

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Pseudonym,

It seems to me that it could help you to learn and use some relaxation and destressing techniques. For example, meditation would be an excellent example. You could use it when you feel the types of fear and anxiety you mention coming on. Also, there are additional relaxation methods such as: deep breathing, deep muscle relaxation, visualizations, etc. You can find many of these in our self help section of this web site.

You mention your psychiatrist and medication and that is OK. But, you really could benefit from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy because it would teach you to head off and stop the types of symptoms you are mentioning.

What do you think?


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