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So I am not really sure what is wrong with me. I do not even know where to begin. Things for me just seem different then other people I know. I can't keep many friends or close relationships. Maybe out of fear of abandonment or because I get clingy. I have been having anxiety attacks at work. I feel just worthless in my job. I cy all the time. I volunteer to do things, but then find some excuse to get out of it. Most mornings I don't even want to get out of bed, but I force myself. I know part of me is just depressed. But why is it that I feel like something else is wrong.

Here is my background. I lie about stupid things. I never feel like I am good enough or pretty enough. I sometimes just don't care. I can't make even the simplest decisions, I feel like I am never doing things right, that people are always looking at me and criticising me and are after me. I fear that they will see my flaws and my lies. I need help but do not know who to talk to or what to do. Should I see someone? What will they tell me? Am I crazy?

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Hi Dazed and Confused, (I like your name :D)

No you are not crazy at all. You sound like you are coming to grips with acknowledging that you are no longer like you once were, that something is holding you back from enjoying your life. If this is the case than yes sure I would encourage you to speak with someone. You may start off with talking to a trusted friend or family member who may also encourage you to seek out a therapist.

I am not sure what they would tell you, but I am sure they would reassure you that you are not crazy.

Do feel welcome Dazed and Confused you are not alone in this.


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I would like to know your age? If you don't mind. Also what type of living environment are you in? What activities (School, work, hobbies). I went through a complete break from myself a few years ago, I felt completely lost and alone. Please give me a few more details so I can know if it relates.

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I am 26. I live with a roommate who is a college friend. We have know each other for quite sometime. I am really involved in lots of things. I try to keep myself busy because otherwise I feel worse. I coach several sports, a play sports....I love volleyball....I workout regualrly...I eat healthy....honestly to everyone they don't notice anything is wrong because I do not have many close relationships.

I did recently starting dating someone and I think that is why I am afraid because I am not good with close personal relationships.

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I have experienced much of the same feelings. You have to remember who you are.... Your struggling to find what is missing from your life right??? You will never be able to fully relate to others until you know who you are. Start by answering this..... I am.... most will first want to answer with what they do... a worker, a student, etc.. Listen to the still small voice within and find who you are "being"..... We are human beings, not human doings...:) Once you find who you are be kind to yourself.... Remember that words are powerful.... Thoughts become words=words become actions... If you say "I am no good" then you will be. We also forget to be in the moment of "now", we spend so much time regretting over yesterday and worrying about tomarrow that we miss now. Just BE--- close your eyes, take a deep breathe--focus on the feeling of it, then say I am ......

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