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well i know what to do but....


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ok kinda long story but i'll sum it the best i can was with this guy for a year and three months and he was something special especially considering i had dating women for the past 4 years before him the relationship was fine until we both messed up big time and we both did hurtful things 2 each other i know now it was because we were both afraid of each other.

I had moved on kinda after trying work things out and i got a new girlfriend, but i kinda slipped up with him oneday ( he thought it was a good thing that i tell her) while with her and i invited him over because i thought that we could just talk about being friends (I thought she was leaving well thats what she said) so she was arguing with about the wrong i had done and all i could do was be quite because i was wrong. but to be honest he had been so flip floppy at the time i didnt think he would show but he did

she kept saying please tell him to leave... i did he was kinda talking to my ma so he didnt leave in a hurry but i didnt talk to him while he was at my house the whole time i felt how i could i disrespect her like that and go and have a conversion while she's here with the person i just told her i cheated on her with.

me and her have been together for 6 months and its great but now he hates and for some odd reason i usually push things away like that cause they seem so not important but i'll be honest about it hurts that he's this way towards me i mean what was i to do?

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