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I read with great interest the article that PAC87 wrote.

In brief summarizing the article MY FATHER ABANDONED ME AND I,M STRUGGLING TO COPE

PAC87 parents abandoned him because they were JEHOVAHS WITNESSES and coudnt tolerate a gay son

so he was sent packing to the grandparents home,with many problems that followed

PAC87 I really hope you read this posting.

Even though we live in the United Kingdom we have similar problems to what you have experienced

My name is Trevor aged 57 GAY and my buddy is Adrian 37

You might have found a father figure here in me and Adrian is gay and great fun

We are very very genuine.We dont dump friends like you said the father figure did

My Auntie that sadly has passed on was a lovely christian and loved us gay guys just the way we are.

Our Heavenly Father tells us truly to LOVE ONE ANOTHER just the way we are

A father cant love properly if they dont know the true father God love

I,m not preaching religion,but Jesus didnt condemn,he came into the world TO SAVE US,LOVE US AND FORUS ALL TO ENJOY LIFE IN ITS FULLNESS

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Your best bet, to get a hold of PAC is to send him a private message. I think the default settings are set to send an email to the person for a PM (I don't know this for sure, since I have customised my settings so I forget what the default is) and so if you send a PM you have a better chance of getting him, especially if he's not visiting here anymore.

Good luck, wish you well.


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