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Glad I found this community


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I'm glad I found this community of where I will not be judged for stating how I truly feel on matters in my life. When it comes to the tender yet unsettling matters of the heart and mind, there was not much care given coming up in the place I grew up in. I had a lot of confusing emotions and feelings and attractions that no one took the time to explain to me. I reached a point though when I realized that society will never understand me because society is always ready to tear anything out of the norm down and disgrace someone for acting on the depravity of their thoughts. But no one truly understands how someone feels unless they've been inside their mind.

I was accused of being many deplorable things coming up since I was very shy and antisocial. I even began to believe these horrible things were true even though I didn't truly feel or want those things for myself. But I saw things in a different light than others.

Without knowing most of the time or taking the time to actually consider what is happening, we are taught to think that each of us MUST fit into a category, into a square and we can never leave that square, we couldn't take control of certain things in our lives. But I couldn't stop thinking that it didn't make sense. I often ask myself why do others get to determine who and what I will be because of the way I act or the music or movies I like or who I'm currently attracted to? It took me a long time to realize that I was a victim of this and that I had to put up a mighty big fight to denounce the vicious rumors about me.

There are people who are in touch with their darkest most intimate feelings and desires, admit they need help, and try to work through them, and there are those who suppress those feelings for the sake of appearing "normal". But some of us, myself included, has a very heightened sense of what's going on in his head and sees the importance of dealing with those things. I have prayed for peace in the past and Jesus has given me tremendous peace with a lot of things. I need to keep praying and I do encourage others to do the same.

I'm here to make friends who suffer from deep depression, anxiety, angry thoughts and thoughts of sexual depravity, etc. I guess that's everyone here then. It helps to talk about all of these things, really. I won't judge anyone for anything they want to share. I can only discuss these things but so much with people I know because I tend to think more on these things than they do, and when I go to far, they get really uncomfortable.

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