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Great self help guide for pedophillia, a must read.


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specifically "Masturbatory Reconditioning", this is some very usefull stuff, I realise people say pedophillia cannot be cured, however I am highly sceptical about that and truly believe it is possible however it may take months!

Note theres some very dodgy stuff about pedophillia on this website so I advise against reading this, however interesting it may be. curiosity killed the cat! But if you know about perversions you will know what im talking about.

Actually a good way of knowing if you need this would be if you can be aroused by children and not by adults, that suggests there is a problem which could be helped here!


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I dont think the website is on a mission to purge the evil, but more offering a solution to a problem which if you genuineley want to can be solved.

I personally like the fact it displays a method of changing sexuallity to another stimulus, I had been pondering if this was possible myself for a while since I read about perversions and how they happen because of over indulgance in socially unacceptable fantasy, why couldnt it go the other way?

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This is a good page, Scared. I like the way that they are laying different self-help options. You will note that all of these are based upon conditioning approaches to behavior change. Old-school stuff. A practical approach rather than a moral one. It's hard to put the moral pronouncements down, frankly, but I'm not sure I have a better alternative to suggest.

With regard to masterbatory re-conditioning, I think this sort of thing could potentially work, but it is difficult to do in a self-help mode. The discipline needed to make it work is harder to achieve without coaching. Specifically they are recommending 1) masturbating to age-appropriate fantasy/porn or if that can't get a person excited, 2) masturbating to inapprorpiate stuff to excitement and then switching to age-appropriate stuff before orgasm. Then, they are relying on classical conditioning (more or less) to perform the reorientation. I don't know the success rates for this sort of thing off the top of my head. The idea of starting with inappropriate material is concerning to me, but hey - that's what is happening anyway for some of these guys so I can appreicate what the web page is trying to say. There is a concept called "shaping" and that is what is being invoked here. Start with something you can get and then work with it to shape it into something related but more desirable.

The catch-22 aspect of going to see a therapist is (as pointed out) there is a duty to prevent abuse from occuring, and the therapist may report the pedophile to the police. Which is a good societal protection, but doesn't allow for the possibility of rehabilitation. Which is a needed possibility if we ever hope to reduce the problem's occurrence rather than just be punative. Still, I would think that it is much easier to keep the dicipline needed to make this sort of conditioning technique workable if you have a partner you can work with who can perform a motivating/coaching role. Not sure how such a role can be delivered, but it is an important part of getting this sort of behavior change to happen.


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