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Definition of Sexual Abuse?


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Is there such a definition?

I'm starting to think it was happened to me, a handful of years ago when I was about 12y/o.

The other person had authority over me and was 35y/o.

There was no direct touching.

But I still hate what he did.

Again there was no touching, no violence, lot's of absolute fear,

Could this be sexual abuse?

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Sexual abuse can be so many things.

there does not need to be any direct touching.

some sexual abuses include:

  • Sexual touching of any part of the body, clothed or unclothed;
  • Penetrative sex, including penetration of the mouth;
  • Encouraging a child to engage in sexual activity, including masturbation;
  • Intentionally engaging in sexual activity in front of a child;
  • Showing children pornography, or using children to create pornography;
  • Encouraging a child to engage in prostitution.


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