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'ello evry1 :D

I've just watched 'The Dark Knight' Batman movie. These superhero movies seem to be going into a lot more depth about the motivations for these characters these days. I remember the Batman movies from the '90s and they did touch on the motivations for the characters but this aspect seems to be embellished more nowadays, or is it just me? ... it's reflected in how the characters are represented in the movie too, look at the Joker imagery in the new movie compared to Jack Nicklesons portrayal. TDK's Joker makeup is more chaotic ... I like it.

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I have yet to watch The Dark Knight, so I can't really comment on the movie. But, it is true that the superhero characters of today possess a lot more humanity than when they were first unleashed. This trend can also be found in comic books, video games, and novels about superheroes. I suppose this may suggest that the public is more interested in superhuman characters who are just like themselves, rather than characters who are larger than life and difficult to relate to.

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Thats what I like about this trend, I find myself relating to both the superhero and the villian, as well as some of the other characters.

It's like they are personifications of aspects of attitudes within me. It's nice to have them represented back to me through film in such a fictional context which helps to make the human qualitys stand out more IMO.

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