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I just read an interesting article on 3D printers and printing. China is currently printing a 3D house. The first 3D printed car will be driven to an auto show in October of this year.

This said there's already been 3D skin and 'repair' bone material printed for human use. The doctors removed cells from the person and used them to grow more cells for the printer to use. It also stated an experimental BEATING human heart had been successfully printed and studied.

Sooooo.....how long do you think it will be before this trickles down to printing a 7" penis out of a guys own cells (no chance of rejection) and getting it sewn on?

I don't think this would be impossible. Fingers, hands (and scrotums and penis's) have been sewn (back) on after being severed in accidents.

You know as well as I do if there's money in it, it will be done. Breast augmentation is a multi-million dollar a year industry. The first clinic that can do this will have enough money to buy a country. JMHO

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