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Guest ASchwartz

Me, too:

I want to support Paula and add to her wishes to everyone. I wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And, more important than anything, I believe, is to have Health. So, I want to wish all of you a year of health and well being: Both Physical and Mental Health.


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Your welcome Confused, and so am I! I still have more Christmas to do..packing and a trip to take, but in some ways it's something I need to do, and don't want to do at the same time. Those emails asking for your favorite holidays..one of mine is New Year's Day-lol

Allan...I have trouble finding those words, and "health" is the most important one! Thank you.

Paula...your welcome I hope you had a Merry one, and thanks for making me laugh..your funny :D

Kaudio I take it your snowed in...stay warm and safe, and just be like a bear and hibernate..you probably are..Happy New Year

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Thanks again Flow, and I hope your holiday goes as planned?

Excuse the time of posting, but been out celebrating, and a bit rat legged (pissed!) Excuse my elaborate English. Don't ask me what elaborate means, haven't got a clue? But it sounds nice doesn't it!

Better start watching my P's & Q's hadn't I? Oh, what the heck! It's Christmas when all's said and done! French is French to me, It all sounds the same anyway and I'm being polite! Ha!


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Hello to everybody! I'm new here, and since I can't seen any introductory thread, I'm using this one to thank the creators of the forum for giving us the opportunity of talking about our probelms here. Wish that the new year bring to everybody a little more happyness or at least serenity!

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