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14 Year old pedophile???


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Well, to start off with I am 14 years old and am scared that I might become an official pedophile. I mbate but never about a child... not even 1 time and I have done it to ALOT of fantases. My cousin and I hade a really close relationship. Like I would sleep in her bed with her when I was over and I feel like I can talk 2 her about anything. Well my little cousin is 2 and she is an absolute bundel of joy. I love her so much, I just want 2 hold her in my arms and take care of her like a mom would. I have never felt sexually stimulated from her but I love her more than anything in the world and I would probably even die for her if I had 2. Is this pedophilia or somthing els? I am so upset about this I feel like crying. I cant stop thinking about this and am sooo scared that I might bcome a pedophile.

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Hi Fireprincess1012

I wouldn't call this Pedophilia. You are just looking out for your baby Cousin? I wouldn't worry if I was you!

Being a Pedophile is someone who fantasies about having sex with a child. You are only a child yourself.

It is human nature to love some one as deep as you that is a family member or someone very close!

I wouldn't let it bother you unless you start to feel that indeed you are having fantasies (sexual) about your cousin?

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No i dont have sexual feelings. I really love her, but like the way I love my little brother when he is being nice 2 me (hes 13). I dont know why but I just get so upset about this and scared and I cant bear to think that I would ever cause pain to any child but theres like this part of me going "what if you do hurt a child? What if you hurt your children you have when you grow up What if you are a pedophile?" and it is also a horrible thought because I want children when I grow up. I just cant stop thinking about it and it stresses me out so much! It is getting better though and I think it may be partly due to the fact that I have been taking Zoloft for about 1 1/2 weeks. Thanks for your help:)

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age below 16 = not pedophile, so you are not a pedophile.

I had the same sort of problems around your age, I would have been okay if I didnt take drugs when I was older, therefore I advise you to NOT TAKE DRUGS, alcohols ok though (when ur old enough). Also dont go browsing the internet looking for information on weather you are a pedo or not just ask on here or maybe on ocd forums, that way you spend less time thinking about it and you are much better off.

You cannot and will not turn out to be a pedophile, so long as you dont fantisise about these things on your own, or actually molest a child you will never be a pedophile!

I wish I had people to talk about this with when I was your age, im jelous, enjoy life and stop worrying about it!

who made you scared about this in the first place, the media as usual?

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