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Minimum age for members ?


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Site rules are posted in the FAQ

We would like to keep people's minimum age to 16, as we talk about some fairly adult/mature stuff here, including sexuality and violence, etc. It's an honor system here though; we're not checking ID. We can't really because this place is designed to be more or less anonymous.

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I think a lot of young people, under the age of 16yrs old are more curious! I also think that them who are under the age of Sixteen and do post, are generally needing help, advice, support or answers to their quieries, and don't mean any harm!

Some of these people may feel that they cannot turn to anyone with the seriousness of the problem concerned, and may find that tagging on a post lets them too, to include the problem that is worrying them? I don't know, but as long as there doing no-one any harm I can't see the stress in it!

Others may feel differently, I don't know? I'm easy any which way?

Would other's have any problem with this?

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