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other peoplez pain is my pleasure......


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am i a bad person? i dont know y i am like this but othe peoplez pain is my pleasure. NO i am not talkin about just ne body i am talkin about people that i know that have hurt me n the past. i mean they might have said sumthin about me or done sumthin to me all n all they hurt me so when i c them in pain (cryin,strugglin,lost) that makez me feel good i know that i am doin wrong but i cant help it. do u think that i am a bad person?

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It doesn't make you a bad person. it makes you an angry person; one who wants revenge. While this is totally a normal-range reaction, it also doesn't do wonders for your own happiness. So - you might want to explore some anger management reading material so that you can learn how to keep your anger reigned in appropriately. Anger is a healthy emotion, but it can make you unhealthy if you use it inappropriately.

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well thanx for the reply mark. i am aware of my anger problem i just dont really know wut to do. i have looked n plenty websitez to try to get some 411 on angermangment but i have been unsuccessful . tomorrow is a big day 4 me i am goin to start counseling which i know that i really do need. i mean i just dont understand y i am like this i feel like i am a bad person cuz no matter who it is if they hurt me i enjoy seein them fall(pain/hurt). i am talkin about my husband my mother n law lets just say d n lawz n my family n my so called friends or should i say people i know, i mean they r all n my list. i feel like god will punish me for being so mean but like i said i luv it n i cant help it. other peoplez pain is my PLEASURE

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