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New and Major Health anxiety sufferer!!


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Hi!! Its nice to meet everyone!! I suffer from MAJOR health anxiety!! It started when I was 6. I'm now 23. I have panic attacks and GAD and allergies. Right now I am suffering from an inner ear infection that has really thrown off my balance! And it hurts on and off. So does my head. I have an apt to see an ENT on Jan 27th. Long way away when your feeling bad but its the best I could do.

I have a major fear of meds!! I do take clonazepam 1/2mg in the am and 1/2 in the pm. I also take propranolol 20mgs twice a day. That's just to take the edge off the fight or flight response and to keep my heart from racing so fast and palpitating.

I am a reformed alcoholic. I haven't had a drink since Dec 3 '07. Very proud of that! I'm lucky bc I do not crave it. So that's good. I did however have a pretty bad withdrawal from it when I quit. Now I am TERRIFIED of alcohol so that's good too bc that definitely keeps me from even considering ever drinking again!! Now my fear is addiction to clonazepam bc I have been told that alcoholics and reformed alcoholics are 10 times more likely to get addicted to benzo's than other people. But my anxiety is so severe right now that I need to be on it. I don't crave more than 1/2 twice a day. I still worry but I'm told by my doc not to.

I should be trying meds like lexapro but I'm afraid to! I am beyond TERRIFIED of medications!! I actually just got a prescription for an antibiotic and some Zyrtec to maybe help with my allergies and my ears but I am too scared to take it!!!! Beyond scared!!!! That's like my worst fear!!!!

Anyway, um, I have a very supportive husband named Joey and a son named Trea that will be 2 on Jan 11th. I love them with all my heart!!

I don't have any friends. I am agoraphobic. Dont get out for anything except doc apts and occationaly going to the store. But I would really like some friends!! I'm friendly and caring.

I recently purchased a program by Lucinda Bassett. I havent started it yet but I'm about to.

I used to suffer from depression but I started an exercise program and started trying to think positive and I dont feel so depressed anymore. Just on occation.

Well thats me. Its great to meet everyone!! Thanks for listening!!


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Hi Nanners and welcome to this site. You will find everyone helpful, here on this site.

I am sorry that you have a phobia on taking medication's, but you have to understand that these meds was prescribed to you, to help you cope with the situation's that you are facing!

I understand about your social phobia, as I too once suffered with this and am slowly coming round to mixing with the community, once again?

I do a lot of commuting through the internet and forum sites like this one, but not only this one alone, and truly find, that this does help a lot regarding the social phobia situation?

You must be very proud of the ways in dealing with your alcohol addiction and maybe, you could pass on some of your expertise in dealing with, to others on this site that may find this information useful, to help them too deal with their addiction? I'm sure this can cause no further damage and surely, would be of more good than any further harm?

I don't know, as I have never been a drinker and have only drank in social situation's or celebration's. Drinking mostly in moderation, but have drank to the extreme of getting rather rat legged like I did last night (being the exception of New Year's Eve) but I know that it will be of some considerable time, before I touch a drop of alcohol again? Not to mention the hangover that I am suffering, and the no sympathy looks that I am getting, might make me learn to slow down on my consumption of alcohol in the future, but to be honest, I don't think it will?

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Welcome! I wish I could understand why some people suffer from debilitating anxiety and others just go about their business in a healthy manner. This constant anxiety and fear of the unknown seems to have done a number on all of us. Because I know that this anxiety is so powerful and controlling, I have to admit I welcome medication. The pain is too intense without it. Although, I still get frequent relapses and they are just as severe as the initial episodes. Each episode does a number on me. And, it drains me of everything I have. What a way to live! Anyway, I think the meds usually help me think clearly. I just wonder why the relapses still occur. There are so many different choices of medication and that seems confusing too. Depression, anxiety, guilt, fear, regret, etc...it's all so overwhelming!!!!

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Nanners,

I want to add my welcome to those alreay welcoming you to our community.

I want to urge you to enter psychotherapy with a psychologist or clinical social worker who will use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with you to help you learn to reduce your fears and anxieties. CBT has been found to be very effective with fears and phobias. As a retired psychotherapist, I can report that, indeed, CBT works and works really well.

Unfortunately, medical doctors are too quick to go to the medication method. I am not opposed to medications and, in fact, know that Lexapro is a really good medicine. It's just that psychotherapy should be used with medicine. In fact, CBT has been found to be as good as medicine in reducing fears.

Are you seeing a psychologist and receiving psychotherapy?


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:) Thanks for responding!! I actually am seeing a therapist right now and we have just in this past week started with some CBT. I am in high hopes that I will improve greatly with this!! Also I have started the Lucinda Bassett program and that has helped already just by listening to people say they feel the same as me!

I took the antibiotic for my ear infections and we will see how it goes. It really took everything out of me to work up the courage to take it and after I did 2 hrs later I was kicking myself bc I didnt have any bad side effects!! I do realize how rediculous my intense fear of meds is!! I hold nothing against people that take meds! Quite the contrary! I am TERRIFIED of new meds but I do belive they can be great!! I'm just afraid of them :rolleyes:. Hopefully soon I wont be so afraid. I'm really working on it!

I would love to help anyone suffering with alcohol addiction!! Do I need to go to the alcohol addiction forum? Thats prob a dumb question but I'm new.

I really have my good days and my bad days with health anxiety. My good days are when I'm not sick. My bad days are any strange ach or pain and sometimes it doesnt even have to be an ach or pain! Just a strange body function will freak me out!! Like now, my limpth nodes are swollen on my neck. That comes and goes for me bc I get alot of colds and ear infections. I have alot of sinus issues! Cant wait to see the ENT on the 27th!!!!

I freak over a head ach! Oh just anything!!! I'm so sensitive I think I would feel if an eye lash came loose!! Surprised I dont feel my nails growing!! Seriously!!!

Anyway, I also am starting an exercise program bc I hear great things about endorphins!!

I'm really glad to be here!! Make some new friends, help some people, become a part of something.

Thanks again,


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