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Funny I was watching some Youtube videos of the Howard Stern show and there was one where they were trying to find the biggest whore in America. There were three women who told their stories of how they would fuck and suck as many guys as they could any time any place. Of course Howard asks if they need a big penis and as you may expect two of the whores said absolutely......but contestant #2 said that size didn't matter. Imagine that. Watch for yourself.


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Some enlightening excerpts:


“He has an uh-mazing dick.” Those were the words of Michelle Money — yes, that is her real name — on this week’s season finale of “Bachelor in Paradise.” She was referring to the appendage of Cody, her now-boyfriend, with whom she had just had an overnight date. Even before she saw the aforementioned member, she told the camera in a pre-date interview that she was excited to see what she would find that evening.

“Like, sometimes I get the impression that guys with that big a body have a small dick,” she said, her mouth blurred on the final word, on top of an obscuring bleep. “But I could be totally wrong. Maybe his dick is very muscular, like the rest of his body. Like the hulk.”

Another friend, the phenomenal sex writer Anna Pulley, is bisexual and in a committed relationship with a woman. “My straight friends always tell me about the penises of the guys they date,” she said, noting that I am the exception (leave it to someone who writes publicly about her sex life to be demure in real life). “‘He had a nice dick,’ has been used more than once as the sole reason to keep sleeping with someone, regardless of personality. Other friends have held up pinkies to illustrate their displeasure with a dude’s size.” Ah, the ol’ pinkie move!

What about men who are not well endowed but have the right moves, though? “I’ve literally never heard ‘he was small but knew how to use it,’” she said. “I think women are a lot more size-ist than they want to be.” Real talk from this one!

My friend “Georgia” tells me, “When I’m describing a man’s penis to my friends, I often find girth more impressive than length. Curve is often the thing that makes the penis unique. Does it curve up? To the right a little? All of these thing contribute to the experience and are important notes to be shared.” Usually she employs the measuring stick of “thick, thin or average.” A couple of women weighed in on my inquiry via Twitter: One said she once described a penis as “serviceable,” while another told friends of a particularly “huge” member, “I almost died when I first saw it.”

On the harsher side of things, my friend “Mary” tells me that she had a friend who broke up with her boyfriend and then began referring to him as “needle dick.” “We laugh every time,” she says. “She was, like, at one time describing it to me and she said she remembered thinking, ‘Is it in?’” On Facebook, responding to my call for women’s firsthand accounts of how they have talked about penises, a woman wrote, “Stubby. Sorry, Rob, but I was waiting for you to penetrate me and, um, you already had. Then you said your oral capabilities made up for it. They didn’t.”

I suppose it’s fair to conclude that the reality of how women talk about penises is both men’s best fantasy and worst nightmare.


Tracy Clark-Flory

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and ive heard opposite of this

im sure many have read my other topics, but many of my performance reviews have been atleast somewhat positive. 3 serious girlfriends complained sex wasnt often enough. one random one night stand said sex with me was better than sex was with her ex after a year of being together (and he was huge apparently)

im sure they all wish i was bigger, but i think skill and intimacy can have atleast a little bit of a positive effect, regardless of size

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ah well, there we have it, you may be a bit under average on length and studies show that womens ideal length is 6.5 inches visually erect which means about 7 or 7.25 BPL. So yes they would have preferred you were longer but it wouldnt have been a deal breaker f0r most.

Studies also show however that GIRTH is the most critical factor for 95% of women and at 5 inches you are average.

So it doesnt surprise me that you had success.

Had you had 4x4 your experiences and their experiences would have been radically different.

Had you had 3 x 3 even more so

2 x 2 more so again etc

Had you been impotent that also would have changed the dynamic….

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