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Greetings MHNC:

I have a conserved 29 year old who's been in and out of mental hospitals and drug treatment programs for his bipolar disorder. He is currently in a psych ward after two months after being placed there on a 5150. According to the last mental hospital he was being held in, the doctor started him on a Clozaril (FlazaClo) treatment for his acute psychosis which began about a month before he was prematurely discharged and against doctor's orders by the conservator.

I recently read online that that the Clozaril treatment his to continue for six months, but his treatment did not continue after the discharged. He has been medicated with Clozaril for the last two months. Based on this information, he will remain at this facility for at least another four months.

Here is my question: since this individual has a tendency for substance abuse and drug treatment programs have not succeeded, especially if he becomes non-compliant with his medications, what do you recommend as a proactive course of action once he is discharge?

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Hi Abizzell

Welcome to our community!

I have a conserved 29 year old who's been in and out of mental hospitals and drug treatment programs for his bipolar disorder.

I don't want to sound rude or anything, but you may find that if you go to the Bipolar Disorder thread, and look in there, that there was a member who posted with a simular situation to yours. You may find some usefull responses that are given.

If you dont find the answer that you are looking for, then you can start a fresh thread, writing what you have on this post?

Take care!

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi bizzlle,

I am not clear about your connection to this patient? Could you explain?

In the meantime, I can only let you know that you have identified a major problem connected with chronic mental illness today, and that is the problem of drug abuse and non compliance with medications. There is not much you can do until the patient wakes up to the fact that he is ill and needs to take his medication and stay away from drugs. At the moment, he is probably in denial about his mental illness.


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