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lost interest n sex n confused


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i have had this problem for about 2 years now n i dont know if its normal or not. well i dont know y but i have lost interest in sex. my husband has noticed me n of course it botherz him, there r timez that he see's that i am not enjoyin it n he keeps on neway.:mad: well i guess i have more than one problem n this case.we r supposed to be enjoyin d moment but we sometimes end up arguein because i am not n d mood or because he hurts me n doesnt stop n d list goes on.there has been timez that he has hurt me while havein sex n he doesnt care n that makez me feel really bad cuz if he sees's me n pain y doesnt he stop?there has been a few timez that he has actually stopped i mean i understand that he is only home for 5-10days out of d month but that still doesnt make it right. i feel like he dont care about my feelings n just wants sex.then there r timez that i feel bad n confused cuz i cant seem to get n d mood n of course he getz offended...but wut can i do? i think that there is something wrong with me cuz i just cant get n d mood. the only thing that i can think of is that i am stressed most of the time n tired n maybe its because i have 2kids n.......:confused:?i know that i just look for an exuse but wut else am i lookin for exactly?:confused: well if ne one has ne advise for me plz i want to hear it.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi roiisgurl,

Of course you do not want to have sex with your husband and do not feel sexy these days. Who can blame you! After all, the man is hurting you and will not stop. He needs to wake up to the fact that the things he does make you not want to have sex. This is not your problem: it's his problem and he needs to see that.

What do others think???:o

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Hi, I've got the same problem, but I did find out that at the beginning that I had some hormonal unbalance and didn't want to have sex because of that, I think. Meanwhile my husband noticed that I wasn't enjoing it, and I was hurting, so now we still do it once in two month, may be less. I don't want to talk to him about this problem, so he wouldn't start looking for it somewhere else - stupid of me isn't it? Plus I think he doesn't know how to treat woman-that I can not tell him because I love him and don't want to upset him. So it's a closed circle, I know I've got to speak to him, but I;m sure he will not be able to change,even though he loves me, but he is ambitious and thinks he is the best.

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well first of all i would like to thank you for ur reply i really do appreciate it:)

well the thing with me is that he knowz that i dont enjoy sex n he knowz that he hurts me but its like he dont care. i mean sometimes i wish he would be a lil more romantic u know maybe he can get me n the mood. he is more like i am here to get wut i want n that it:( sometimes i dont think it is fair cuz at timez that i am n the mood he just worries about him so if he is done he is done he will not worry about me:( wut do u think that i should do?

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