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I know my story sounds pretty lame compared to others and I don't feel that I have suffered the severity that others have but I just need a little feed back on my problem.

I am a male that feels degraded by his wife. She talks to me like I am a 2 year old. She accuses me of having a girlfriend on the side. Sometimes she says she is just joking but she says she can not trust me because i was on the internet talking to other females about our problems before I found this site and she said that I was mentally cheating on her. The females that I had talked to were just random people on sites that had chat rooms. I never added any one as a buddy or gave out email addresses to stay in contact. I feel I was talking to other women because who else knows women better than another woman? At my work Christmas party there is a new girl that works in the office that is 21 and my wife thinks that i am having or trying to have an affair with her. We left the Christmas party and my wife made a comment about her "funny that she didn't even look at me when we were leaving". Then mentioned to her 7 year old daughter that that was the girl that she suspects me of having an affair. So now what does or is her daughter going to think of me as she gets older. And why bring your dqaughter into this?

When we get into a heated argument she degrades me by telling me I have a small penis or that Im not man enough for her. I have left once for one night to my parents because I was tired of her bullcrap and she wants to sit there and say that I am no kind of man that I am just going to walk out on my family. I used to be a happy person always nice to other people but since I have been with my wife I have become a hatefull person and it is tearing me up inside. I have been to the point where I have done everything possible not to beat the hell out of her either (I am twice her size and 3x as strong) I feel like she does it on purpoose just to try and get me to hit her so she can win a lawsuit if we get a divorce or so she can get a divorce. It seems like she isn't happy unless se knows Im not happy.

Someone please respond if you have any idea of what is going on.

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Hello- I am sorry to hear that you have been subjected to such abuse at home. It seem to me that your wife has issues of her own and is taking her insecurities out on you and trying to make you feel small and inferior the way she is perhaps feeling inside. She appears insecure that is why she accuses you of having an affair....

I am in a similar position except my husband tries to degrade me all the time and accuses me of all sorts when it is all in his head. Like you - I dont know how to deal with it but knowing it is not your fault is a start.

Take care

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