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Hello a_statistic, welcome to the community. I have added the [!] trigger tag to your thread title. Whenever members post a thread with graphical content, this tag may be attached to the thread title upon posting to give some warning to other members who may be vulnerable to such content. If you forget to use the trigger tag, feel free to request a moderator or administrator to append it to the title by way of private message.

With regards to children and their capacity to give consent to participate in sexual relations, I respectfully disagree. As you mention, history provides precedence for your attraction to children as there once were times where it was acceptable to have and act upon such attraction. But, those times no longer exist. Whether the laws concerning this subject are arbitrary and puritanical or not, they reflect the values of society. Children are recognized by many societies around the world as physically and mentally immature; and as such, they require special considerations to protect their interests so that they may one day bear the responsibilities of the community themselves. Thus society emphasizes with great importance the need to raise children in constructive environments without undue manipulation and abuse.

Further, no matter how you characterize a sexual relationship between a child and a fully grown adult, the balance of power is skewed in favour of the adult. Should such a relationship exist, it would be one where the adult enjoys complete and total domination over the child in every respect. I do not think this is a fair arrangement under any circumstances.

That said, I do appreciate your post, and I find it unfortunate that you decided to remove it. You will find that pedophilia alone has been the subject of heated debates in the past for this community as well. Surely, pedophilia, along with your other sexual fantasies, can be a source of a great deal of grief. I hope that you find the resources you are looking for.

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Hi there,

I read your post yesterday before going to sleep, and I thought about it for a while. I also do have a problem with my sexuality, so I have a great degree of understanding. I always fought with the fact that I'am not attracted by either women or men. It was always quite traumatizing, especially when a young teenager. But this gave me a perspective much of the sexually normal people don't have. I WANTED to be normal, I wanted it so bad, I wanted to get rid of my riddiculous fetish. But still it wasn't enough to just want. From that I grasped, that we are all what we were made and something as fundamental as sexuality we cannot change. So I thought: God, I'm quite well off, am I not? What would I do, if I got landed for example with urges for pedophilia or rapism? And I thought, how people like that are victims of nature's imperfection.

So no, what you feel is not your fault and I quite understand the terror you must feel about it. Be sure there is a lot of people who face similar decisions. But there always is a choice. Life isn't fair and the truth is as simple as this: There are two ways out...

You can start practicing what you fantasize about, but think what that would make you.. You would be an outcast, hunted by the society. You would hurt people, destroy their lives and what's worst, you would lose any self-respect you have.

The other way you know. Live by the code given by society. You've got a loving wife who understands you, that's a gift. You will live with a clean shield and you can raise children and see them off to their own lives. Isn't that something worth restraining yourself for?

The choice stays only with you.

And about the children... I'd be really careful there. It's debatable to what extent can a child give informed consent. The problem is, you want that consent, so you would be willing to make do even with a reluctant consent. And what if you wanted it again and the second time the consent was denided to you? Would you be strong enough to respect that denial? I think this is a road better not followed...

To your own children... You may feel incest as appealing, but that child probably will not understand. If you molest the child, be prepared, that one day they will hate you because later they will find out that what you did to them is considered abuse. The act doesn't need to feel negative to the child at the time, but when they grow up, they will be conflicted by this, unsure about it and their sexual views will be deformed by that experience. Is that what you want for your children?

I wish you strenght to do what is right and I wish that you make peace with your own self.:)

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