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I'm curious as to your opinions on this subject. I personally think it's bogus that Men's Rights Activists seem more interested in mocking and tearing down successful women who support feminism than anything about "men's rights", but some of the things they harp on are legitimate, like disparities in child custody between mothers and fathers, and advocating for male victims of sexual assault and spousal abuse. But sometimes I wonder if this is just about antagonizing feminist issues more so than actual compassion for men hurt by gender inequality.

I'm curious because they seem to be far less considerate when it comes to body positivity, and some of the more vile of MRA's seem content to body shame women over their weight and outward apperance for no other reason than to inflict pain. Body positivity, as we all are well aware of, is very much a men's issue. I can understand nobody wanting to advocate for small penis compassion, because of the unfotunately negative implications, but as an ardent feminist, I view some feminists' views on penis size as one of the greatest hypocrisies in modern feminism. I don't know, sometimes I think that no group is righteous, because humans are inherently fallible, and the more people you add to something the more flawed that thing becomes, but it's not enough for me to believe in myself and a few others who demonstrate themselves as compassionate, reasonable, and self-aware.

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Interesting topic.

I do think that many people, whether they claim to be feminists or MRA's,

are in reality motivated by nothing more than gender hatred.

This is revealed, as you say, when they shame the bodies of the other gender.

Personally, i think people ought to be shamed for hatred, not physical attributes.

And bad treatment from the other gender does not justify this shaming.

Did girls treat me badly in high school and college? (pardon me: CERTAIN girls.)

Yes, that happened.

But it does not, and never can, justify misogyny.

Cram that up your asses, MRA's.

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