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The Ex Turned Friend (w/ benefits)


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I was with someone for three years off and on. We both had our issues, me with my bad temper and the fact that I don't like kids, him with his inability to tell the truth and lack of respect, plus I doubt he had ever heard of give and take, but that got a little better as time went on. I finally ended it for good in June of this year but we still "hang out". My issue is, I seem to irritate him on a regular basis, and I don't even know why. I feel like I am nice most of the time, he is always welcome at my place, I offer him food and drink, I helped him out a lot when he didn't have a car... How is that irritating? I do know he hates to be questioned, which I do, when things don't add up, I call him out on it. I hate to be lied to, and as mentioned above, he has major problems with telling the truth. So yeah if I think he is lying, I flat out say so. So I can understand how that irritates him, but I also feel like if he could just be honest and stay honest, he would have a better life. Anyways, I asked him tonight, if I irritate him so much, why does he stay friends with me? He said it isn't that often but even with that being said, a lot of the time, I'm just being me. If that irritates him, maybe we should not be friends?? I can't walk on eggshells for the rest of our friendship.

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I don't have a lot of people in my life. My mom is the only parent still alive and I can't stand to be around her, (there is actually a separate post about my issues with her) and I don't trust many people, I had to let a lot of my so-called friends go because they weren't real friends. So I guess my answer would be: he is practically my only friend left, we know each other well, and he is really funny and we have some things in common, also had understands my anxiety and can help me through it. But the fact that I irritate him is really bothering me. I woke up today and don't even really care to speak to him. (He always texts me good morning, today I texted back... two and a half hours later... that I'll talk to him later.) I feel like maybe finally I'm just starting to see that if he feels that way, I should just bow out. We had a very tumultuous relationship and maybe we aren't meant to stay friends, it's really a struggle sometimes. I don't know.... :-(

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