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Mark I need to and have stood up for my instincts especially about meds right now. I have always beat to me own drum and not follow in anyones foot steps but I do recognise when I need to accept something out of my control. I guess I haven't hit that yet fully. I guess my refusal and then compromise to a different med resulted from ME being in a different mind set. I guess the cycling really really gets to me and I expect me to be me....

How about you Mark, what do you stand up for???

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I try to stand up for myself. I stand up for others, as much as I can.

In some ways, it's a new thing. I used to cave fairly thoroughly in the face of my wife's ... ideas about things.

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I understand Mark...

I had an issue at the hospital with a male patient and how it was handled by more "males" so I guess this statement applies to that as well. I still went back to my pdoc and told him it was wrong and they chose his illness over mine basically and the accountability of him was not there and I expected that to be different. Another male doing and getting away with things. It really hits me hard because of past experience...

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