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To follow up on a thought from yesterday, how do you transfer an idea that has helped you, to someone else?

You can try to explain it, but that often comes across as a lecture, especially if you have to search out what you mean to say, as you write it. Only after several repetitions do you usually get it distilled into something short and pithy, and by then it feel cliché.

Or you can try to tell a story, and let people read your point between the lines. Sometimes, though, the point gets lost completely. Or forgotten, along with the story.

If you have enough time with a person, you can try just living it. This can be the most effective way of teaching, because the person in essence teaches themselves. It also requires by far the most patience, because people stubbornly refuse to see things they're not ready to see.

Anyway, just random musing on who to be. :-)

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That's why I think that during therapy taking a look at yourself within the therapeutic relationship can be so revealing and informative. You're learning right inside of the experiences that way.

It seems to me that you do a very good job of transferring your ideas, Mark.

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