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No, that's not the quantity of work per day done by a professional air duct cleaner. That's what I was over the weekend. It's remarkable what you can get done when, instead of carefully considering each task you encounter to see whether it's the next one on the priority list, you just do it. Sooo many things that have been sitting there since I have been in the apartment got organized by that simple principle. Too, I might have progressed to the point where some things that were too painful to deal with, earlier, are just things, now.

I exchanged a couple of e-mails with my wife's son about his birthday tomorrow. We're tentatively getting together for lunch the weekend after next. He has a full-time job and summer classes, so he's busy weekday evenings. He sounds very grown up, at least in e-mail.

Really, I got a lot of stuff done, everywhere except at work. They gave me an assignment, but I'm still a bit short of motivation. It's very hard to believe that any part of this really matters. One of the things in next year's design requirements is how would they decommission our application, if that's what they decide to do. It's a bit like programming the application to print your own pink slip. Ah well, if good things come to an end, why am I surprised at bad things doing it?

So, I guess it's not as bad as all that. Not if I keep my connection to the flow of Everything, against which both my troubles and my successes are completely invisible. :-)


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