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Well, progress for today?

I talked to the lawyer, about intending to file for divorce. She didn't mind, but thought I should re-establish a retainer of, oh, about $2500 ...

I talked to my brother, and his wife is recovering well from the surgery that she had. That and the kids are growing up, as always. It's what kids do when you're not looking. :-)

And, as if the Universe heard me procrastinating about the divorce filing (I've been putting it off until my wife gets back from her trip, because I feel like I should tell her, first), she calls me this evening to say that she's back. Talk about putting me on the spot! Now I have to figure out how to say FU in as gentlemanly a fashion as possible ...

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I can give you a few suggestions Bro - but not so sure my efforts would be all that polite (oops) - Im sure how ever you tell your ex will be "fine" :eek:

good luck hun :)

Take care bro

Love ya

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