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Sometimes it's a bit too much




living, I mean.

Has been a downward spiral of late.

Having RLS. Electricity tweaking in my legs. Hurt my low back a few months ago. My neck has issues, none that will improve, severe pain often, children grown-busy, far away lives, a knowledge of systems and ageing and care during this process. Doesn't get me excited about the future. I have to find a home for my parrot.I can't hold her anymore or look down at her. She started plucking a few months ago and isn't quitting. I seem incapable of relationships. Been around long enough to know that what I'd hoped for ain't gonna be. Getting my drift. My Mom was wrong, my pastor and the dr today.And he lied.

I don't own a reality. My perceptions of myself invalidated.

I'll be back to work on this.


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