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wow i have NOT been able to control my need to be creative!!! i go to micheals and buy just stuff so i can come home and "make something". But by the time im home, im in the mood to write or read. So i get a book. that doesnt d o it so i get my sketch books out. geez i tire myself out talking about this. does anybody else experience this? It would be really nice to know if somebody does, that way i wont feel so weird. thanks for reading!!



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Hi, your not alone!

I've been getting this alot recently, the need to be doing something all the time. I think up ideas for nearly everything, i analyse things and think about ways to make them better, i start to write a book then get distracted by the thought of learning escapology (of all things!) but then i feel a sudden urge to go for a run and take unusual photos etc.

Only affects me for periods ranging from a few hours to a few days but i know it's very tiring.

Have you been diagnosed with anything like bipolar etc?

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It's called the manic phase, the opposite of the depressed phase. For me it's like being a bundle of energy, moving fast, talking fast, laughing loud, and then I get doing this, and then that, and I become a fabulous multitasker. But like you sometimes I can't seem to find just the right thing that makes me feel like the excess energy is being used up, so I have to move to the next thing. Then I tire myself out too :-)

Do you find that periods like than can be followed by a period of depression? Do you cycle from one to the other?

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