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Checking In



Well, I've been busy.

First, with work. I worked Sunday, or rather, tried to work; I spent much of the day here. But the work was urgent enough for me to try. So I stayed away from here all day Monday, and got quite a bit done. I came on in the middle of the day today, but I got stuff done before and after I came. It's getting there; another day or so and the rush will be past. It does leave a question about why I only have to try a couple of days a year ...

Second, with moving. The apartment complex where I live decided not to renew my lease when it expires Sept. 8th, or only to offer me something like a 12% increase in rent. So, I have arranged to move on Sept. 7th. The new place has been fine, so far, and plans at that end are doing okay. The place I'm leaving, though, feels that I owe them an extra month's rent for giving notice too late, so I'm going to have to scramble to find an extra month's rent somewhere. I'm afraid I'll have to ask my Dad to help me, which bothers me. And that's all before I have to arrange the actual moving.

Anyway, just an update. I thought I would dispel any thoughts people might have that I might be angry or upset at anyone here. I'm not. I'm just a bit swamped, that's all. The fact that I'm posting this at 11:38 or so PM, my time, is all the evidence of that that anyone should need. :-)

Until next time.


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I don't get it! They kick you out, and you supposed to tell them earlier? THEY should of told you earlier so you could have the time to find somewhere to live in!!!! Seems to me they only want to earn some extra money in a way or another.

I'd say, get a lawyer's advice, or just pretend that you've talked to one and that if they still want you to pay, next talk will be with your lawyer.

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Heh, someone offhandedly said "Change is in the wind" to me, in the line at the building's cafeteria, yesterday. A minute or two later, I replied, "Better be careful, coins can hurt," and then had to explain myself ... There's an off-chance that I might be weird, but in a good way. ;-)

And don't worry, Ken: I had enough jobs that involved heavy lifting in my youth, so I know how to do it. Though it might be a trick getting a mattress and box spring down two flights of steps, solo.

Sed, I haven't even seen the exact apartment, yet. I've only visited the community and seen a similar unit that was unoccupied. It's a nice place, though, probably a little nicer than what I'm leaving, and after the increase, almost $100 a month cheaper. But I don't actually move in until Sept. 7th ...

Auto, I thought about fighting with them, but a lawyer would take the month's rent before they would even look into it. And I don't make a very convincing "tough guy". ;-)

I'll have an update for everyone, shortly (tonight if I'm lucky [or if you are?]) I did get the money worries solved.

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Alternatively, you could look at the lease agreement yourself concerning advance notice. Regardless, I'd just contact the property management company and call them out on it. If they informed you of their decision not to renew the lease without giving you enough time to provide advance notice, then explain to them that that would be inherently unfair.

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