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Think i'm on to sumpthin



I think I figured out what put my friend over the edge and it's this job. I have 2 hours of work and 8 hours to do it. No wonder she seemwd so relieved on nights we worked together. What I wouldn't give for some company. Even with my paperwork and ordering 2 hours and then I'm going nuts trying to fill my time. I have even asked the manager on the day shift to leave me some of her paperwork CUZ I'M FLIPPIN BORED. I have pulled everything off shelves cleaned dusted looked for damaged product cleaned grout dusted ceiling vents shined sinks organized our backroom and now I'm BORED. I have no one to talk to It's too late to call someone even if I had someone to call. Nothing like the internet to make someone realize how alone they are. Maybe it's bothering me more right now cuz I'm all alone here and I get to go home and be alone now. Maybe I should start therapy again just so I have somewhere to go and someone to see isn't that pathetic? I can't talk to my friend for no1 knows how long. Her husband let me know earlieer today that she tried to kill herself so she's on complete lockdown even he can't see her. I still don't understand how someone tries to kill themselves in a hospital. I mean isn't that what they are supposed to stop you from doing if you are in a psych ward shouldn't they stop that from being able to happen? I can't tell her husband this because he's one of the only people I have to talk to right now but I blame him. She said if she had to go to a hospital she'd kill herself and he still had her put away and now look. Woohoo i get to go make coffee now then I only have 30 minutes to kill after that. SHOOT ME I can't believe what they pay me for a job a chimp could do. Crossing my fingers and hoping that the slow down at the factory isn't 4ever. i know I shouldn't bitch at least I have a job that's the positive to focus on;)


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