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Good bad day



Well I get to go back to the factory full time starting in the middle of October. I switched to first shift so I can keep this job. I'm hoping the way it will work is I go to work here then change in the bathroom and go to work there. Maybe I'll be so tired from working so much I won't notice I'm alone.

The bad day part is I blew up on my friend's SO. He called me and was crying because all they'll tell him is she's being kept under heavy sedation and she has a feeding tube and everything. I lost it and as usual made things worse cuz I told him what the fuck did you think would happen when you got her put in there. You know how stubborn she is and her temper hell yes she will cut her nose off to spite her face. And knowing that you still put her in WTG dumbass. He's Bipolar and I know that hurt him bad so I had to call him back and apologize. I mean she introduced me to this website and I used to read some of the stuff she put on here. Whether he locked her up or not this was just a matter of time. I know he's hurting too I need to call and apologize again. He swears he understood that I was lashing out. Between being worried about her, getting divorced and my son's birthday coming up I have been freaking out a lot. I will probably end up delaeting this too later because for some reason I'm just getting paranoid. I keep worrying that if my soon to be ex found my posts then he could somehow use it against me when we divorce. I know that's stupid as hell but it doesn't get the thought out of my head. I mean I only use the computer at work to come here and my friend when she helped me sign up she made me a new email account to sign up with so I mean as far as him finding out I just don't see how he could possibly trace anything. But it still doesn't stop me from worrying. I can't wait until this whole thing is over I mean when my boss got divorced it took 3 months from beginning to end so it should all be over soon hopefully. I wonder if we can finalize the divorce before the house is sold? He wants to live there and pay the bills as rent if I will split the property tax with him. At least it's paid for so we don't have to worry about a mortage. I even told him I would take a $10000 loss on the house if he wants it. Just pay me for my half -$10,000 and I'll be happy but he doesn't know if he wants to deal with upkeep by himself and he might just want to move later. Usually I would just say screw it keep everything just sign the papers and lets go our separarte ways but he's the one who broke this deal. This is totally his fault. If he hadn't lied about wanting more kids when we got married then this wouldn't be happening because I wouldn't have married him. I would still have MY house and wouldn't have to be dealing with a divorce but NO he felt the need to lie to me. I wonder if I could get him for breach of a verbal contract? I have over 30 witnesses who heard him agree that he would never ask me about kids and that he would never want anymore and that I told him me marrying him was conditional on no kids ever and I didn't have to go to his family reunions since there would be a bunch of children there and he agreed we shook hands then kissed and I said yes I'll marry you. I should have got that crap in writing:mad:


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