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Well, the mortgage and line of credit on the house are due, and I don't have enough to cover both. So, when my wife e-mailed to check whether there was a problem, I wrote back asking her to pay the smaller amount.

It annoys me; I feel like I should be able to fix it by myself (I would still need my dad's help); I feel like I'll regret it because I believe she'll use it as leverage over me; I feel bad about waiting to solve it; I feel bad about asking her to cover for me, as she often did during the marriage.

But maybe it'll get paid, this way.

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Dont think of it as 'crawling' bro, think of it as being realistic.

The mortgage on your marital home is both your responsibilities surely ?

Hopefully your ex will understand this. If not you could always try point it out to her - maybe its a possibility ?

take care hun

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