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Late Night Poetry ... from the mind of malign



A Wedding Picture

The homemade prints my brother made,

Which somehow never seem to fade,

Remind me of the game I played

And the price in pain which I paid.

Pictures I wish I could deny,

Though I don't even dare to try,

Of the day that I chose to die

And left my life to live a lie.

What to this day seems strange to me

Is how we fought so hard to see

That the other one would not be free

To exist alone or just to be.

Many times we could just have ended,

But our rifts instead we mended,

Two blind souls who never tended

To hurts inside that kept us blended.

Now that we are finally done

And a new life I've now begun,

My heart retains just one question:

How will I dare try the next one?

For though I see what made me flinch

And give a foot for every inch,

I still don't know if in a pinch

It'd be a struggle or a cinch

To see what I now clearly see:

I let her take advantage of me.


Recommended Comments

Thank you, sed.

The poem did have a certain urgency that made me stay up and finish it. I don't necessarily do poetry well, but it wanted to come out that way. I'm faced with a lot of stuff, in my life at the moment: my mother's death, the need to finish the divorce, the doubts that I have to overcome, to move on ... I'm "okay", in the sense that it won't do me any permanent harm, but the road is rocky, at the moment.

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