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Holidays AKA What Am I Thankful For?



:(Anyone else have trouble being "thankful" for Thanksgiving?

I mean I guess I could be thankful that I'm getting divorced.

Or how about finding my father on the kitchen floor when I was 12? If I hadn't stayed after school to waste time could I have gotten home early enough to call an ambulance and save him?

I should be thankful that my mom completely snapped and I got sent to stay with my godparents after my dad's funeral. No wait I should be even more thankful that my godbrother raped me while I was there.

I know! I should be thankful my mom decided she loved my dad more than me and killed herself when I was 14 because she just couldn't live without him anymore.

My great Aunt Esther dying 8 months after that.

Or losing everything and everyone I ever let myself care about.

I truly truly bone deep hate the holidays.:(


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I don't blame you! Wow, after all that.

Come to South Africa. We don't have Thanksgiving, one less trigger to worry about. And let's go to Thailand or Tibet for my unfavourite holiday, Christmas. No Christmas there.

Those are beyond tough memories, Sara.

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I'm so sorry to hear that life has been so unkind to you. I don't celebrate Thanksgiving the holiday but I will say I am thankful you are here and sharing yourself with us. You're not alone, I care and the other people here care about you so just keep that in mind, k? If you ever need to just talk or vent you are welcome to message me anytime. *hugs*

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Luna I'm with you! Christmas...just blech. New year's I hide I just hate everything about this season.

Sed I know there are always things to be thankful for. :P This season just makes me very bitter. I should have explained better my godparents did take me in but after everything happened they left me with another neighbor until my mom got out of the hospital because they "just couldn't be around me anymore".

Kaskade thank you. I am fast approaching the roughest time of the year for me so I may take you up on that. My birthday is January 10th and my baby girl's was January 13th December 31 is when my husband 2 babies and mother in law were killed by a drunk driver so yeah I loathe this time of year.

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