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It's reiki time!



Back again!

I took a brake from the usual, including my searchin about reiki.

But I am back, along with some decisions. First of all, next week I am going to accept my level I reiki attunement. Hope that calms me a little, gives me love and fixes my health a little.

Then I am thinking of going for consulting. It might help me with my issues and help me with my confidence so I can go with strength to find my dreem job next year.

Lastly, homeopathy would be a good idea. I have heard about a good doctor in my area. Still thinking of it... we'll see.

However the last two are still thoughts. But the reiki part is going to get real next week. As I see it right now, I want to move on until reiki level II (that will have to be 3-6 months after my level I). That will help the energy get stronger and I'll be able to heal friends from distance. I'd gladly give energy to dear friends that asks me, of this site when I'll be able to, for free of course. Today I was thinking of reiki and thought of you. Sometimes I feel I would like to give some people here who shares their problems, warmth, relaxation, love, and I hope after some months from now I'll able to, by distance reiki. After all, when I was in a bad period, dear people from this site gave me a 'distand' hug :(

That's all for now, waiting to see how my attunement feels... (if anyone wishes, I can give a review) hopefully someday I'll fix my issues and become completely healthy both in body and soul.

Kisses to all!


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