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Such a pity, it's so sad...



Out in the entrance of my block, a paper shooked me. It was about the 40 days memorie of a young boy.

I had seen this boy before. Around 30 or less, walking in or out of the block with eyes that didn't shine, you'd say they turned white, lost their colour. I was afraid of him. Right, I did. In our block we had some houses opened and stolen and he did seem as a potential guilty person as he was walking without a purpose, looking at you strangely, silent without greeting. You could tell he was lost in his own world, you could tell he was on drugs, but you couldn't tell anything else. He was a mystery and that was the most frighten. I was not sure if he was a resident of the block.

Someday I asked another person and even talked with a friend of the block about him. Both told me that he comes from a decent family in our block, but with great problems. They told me about the drug problem.

Some days ago I went to this friend's apartment. He had a coacroach problem and wanted advice. He then told me that he is afraid of becoming worse cause they also come from the facing apartment where this boy died and his parents left themselves and house in misery.

That was sad but I quickly forgotten...Till now that this paper is hanging out and every time I get in and out I can see it. Usually these papers talk about old people, on behalf of children and grandchildren that will always remember them. That is sad but you can accept it. That's the way it should be wether we like it or not.

But this new paper is on behalf of the parents and the brothers and the cousins. And this is unfair and cruel to all :P:( I don't want to know how his parents are feeling. I don't want to imagine how they feel when they see the paper. And I curtenly don't want to know how pain this boy felt.

Sb should have stopped it in time!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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