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Whelp feeling better today. Called off other job went home took meds and slept for about 14 hours. woke up ravenous ate and came here.

Still fuzzy headed think it's the risperdal I'm sure there's a getting to know you period with it. I'm also sure it's longer than 6 days.

Weekend was just very bad for me. VERY VERY BAD but who here hasn't had days like that? :(

I'm trying out different color schemes. If anyone actually reads this blog and has trouble reading it because of the colors or it gives them a headache leave me a comment. I don't know I just decided I needed moreCOLOR in my life.

It took awhile but work at the factory starts back full time tomorrow. Yesterday was a bad day to call off but they are very nice about mental health stuff. The funny thing is we start back full time this week just so we can get everything cleaned and up to snuff to close down for two weeks:rolleyes: Go figure I'm sure it makes sense to someone at corporate.

At least the week of Christmas and New Year's I only have to worry about one job. I have sick time and vacation time I can take if I need to.

I'm trying very hard this year to not breakdown. I had a slip this weekend but that's over. The hard part is shaking it off and telling myself it was a booboo. It doesn't mean this is going to be bad unless I let it. If you're on a diet and have a bad day you don't throw the diet out the window because oops I fu**ed up so what's the point. You just say oh well and keep to the diet the next day and the next.... Sooner or later you make up for the bad day.

I'm off to clean and do paperwork I can barely stand the excitement:D


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