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Wasted Daze I mean Days >;)



Well I went home had breakfast, took my meds liek a good girl and then nothing:o Judging by the taste of couch in my mouth and the fact that my mouth was so dry it hurt to try to swallow I passed out on the couch facedown.

Now one would think after sleeping for 30 hours over the weekend I would be restless and not tired. However, I have been stressing many things. Mainly I've been stressed out over trying to not stress out:rolleyes:. Try to figure that out because I can't.

I guess I needed sleep and my body was getting it one way or another. I remember taking my meds. I remember thinking I'll jsut sit and relax for a bit before I go to the hospital. I remember seeing that Trauma had taped and I started watching it. (I love Dario Argento's work) Then I woke up trying to figure out where I was and freaking out.

I thought I was in the trunk of a car for some reason. I could feel fabric against my face. I could hear a car engine(it was from outside). Then I realized I could move, sat up , looked around and saw where I was. So I got up got a big glass of water and went to my bed.

All said and done I think I slept about 12 hours. The shrinkadoodle said that Risperdal could cause me to be sleepy. Boy was she right! It was that or stress or maybe my mind just shut down because I really didn't want to go to the hospital. Oh well I will set my sights on Saturday. Maybe by then I can put my big girl panties on and deal with it.


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